Extension of the annual production of 2,000 tonnes of synthetic fatty acid ester (Phase 1), alteration of industrial waste water discharge standard and change of direction of steam water discharge

Date of Issue:4 September 2018

The State Council's decision to amend the Regulation on Environmental Protection for Completion of Construction Projects (CAS No. 682) and the Ministry of Transport's Notice on the Issue of Environmental Acceptance Measures for Completion of Construction Projects:

Project name: Extension Project (Phase 1) for the Annual Production of Synthetic Fatty Acid ester 2000 tonnes, Change of Industrial Wastewater Emission Standards and Change of direction for Steam Turbine Water Emission Project

Construction unit: Suzhou Eleco-chemical

Public Announcement: Acceptance Monitoring Report, Acceptance Opinion, Other Notes (see annex for details)

Time of publicity: 4 September 2018 - 9 October 2018

During the publicity period, if there is any objection to the above publicity, please provide feedback in writing. Individuals must be given a true name and the units must be affixed with a public seal

Contact person: Zhao Shenghua

Telephone (m):13451758532