Focus on Concentration and Innovation

For more than 20 years, elemental chemistry has never forgotten its beginnings and has always focused on providing high-quality special chemicals and services to clients in the areas of cosmetics and personal toiletries, and has always maintained a huge commitment to product innovation as an essential element for enterprise development.

Follow strict safety production standards,
aim to provide quality products and meticulous service to customers
15 patents
3 PCT international patent applications
American Chemical Abstracts, 7 new CAS numbers

Towards green chemistry and sustainable development

As a manufacturer of chemical synthesis, we know that from the stage of product development, we would rather lose more natural renewable raw materials by reducing the production of waste, the use of solvents, the use of safe green processes of autonomous intellectual property.Our practice and persistence in environmental protection has been recognized and recognized by government departments, and we are deeply honoured.

Eleco NDPE Policy

Eleco believes coporate social responsibility is the core element of corporate development . As a leading personal care raw materials supplier , palm oil derivatives are key feedstocks of Eleco, it’s understood that the plantation of palm contributes significantly to the economy development of origin, however there’re definitely negative impacts to human being and environment by de-forestation and other in-sustainable activities. Therefore Eleco is closely working together with our customers, suppliers and all stake holders for relevant actions to protect forest, peat and human rights and community interest.

Zero Deforestation Public Policy

As part of the effort to create outstanding products, Eleco focus on the impact of own activities on the rainforest/forests and makes deforestation a priority business option. Eleco will spare no effort on development of product structure and production process, especially in the process of raw materials procurement, to endorse and promote the concept of zero deforestation, and will give sourcing priority to qualified and co-conceptual vendors in order to work with our partners to promote this goal and to achieve Zero Deforestation.
Professional and aggressive, both inside and outside

Eleco-chemical has always adhered to the spirit of self-restraint of conformity management and unity of knowledge and practice.We have a professional, dedicated team that looks at the whole team's promotion and the sense of belonging of employees in the enterprise.

Provide customized services to customers

Eleco-chemical is dedicated to providing our customers with the possibility of special customization services, including products that provide special technical specifications on a timely basis according to customer requirements.
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