In 2005, at the start of the production base in Kunshan, Eleco-chemical was 95% high purity alkyl phosphates.The production of high purity alkyl phosphates indicates the pursuit, research and production capacity of element sets for high quality products.To date, our products are covered: functional emulsifiers, special surfactants, polymers and thickeners, high efficiency moisturizing agents, hair removal active ingredients, synthetic oils, alternative preservatives, and customized products with global distribution partners.

Customer services:Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Olya, King of Flowers, e.g. Ales (PHYTO Paris), Bitega Verde
To date, there are 21 patent applications for elemental chemistry (3 PCT international patent applications), of which 15 are licensed and one US patent is authorized.The CAS number was registered in the American Chemical Abstracts by seven entirely new compounds.Elemental chemistry has been a safe environmental zero since the plant was built through continuous improvement of the EHS system. We joined RSPO and passed SGS audits in 2015.

Eleco-chemical has very clear management idea: produce high-quality products; make efforts for industry development with innovation.

We hope to be not only a leading manufacturer of special chemicals in the future, but also a trusted customer and social partner.